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Reasons To Quit Drinking Diet Soda | Quick Ways To Lose Weight

10 Reasons To Quit Drinking Diet Soda

When you are dieting to lose weight – you may find that you really enjoy your diet sodas. However there are many reasons to quit drinking diet soda when you are on a weight loss program.

I admit that in the past, diet sodas were a big part of my day. I did not think I would have find any reasons that would convince me to quit drinking diet soda.

My husband constantly told me the horror stories about what the artificial sweeteners were really made of and how they were dangerous to the body. But I still did not want to give up my diet soda pop.

However, with my husband’s urging I did some research on my own and found that there are many reasons to quit drinking diet soda, especially if you have a serious habit of drinking many diet sodas throughout the day.

Here are my top 10 reasons to quit drinking diet soda:  (you may find many reasons after YOU do your research)

  1. When you drink diet soda you ingest a long list of potentially harmful chemicals and additives
  2. There is usually too much caffeine in diet soda
  3. Caffeine is a diuretic – so instead of the diet soda quenching thirst, it actually dehydrates you
  4. Diet soda usually contains sodium which makes you more thirsty
  5. Diet soda contains phosphoric acid which sucks calcium out of your body
  6. Diet soda causes your body to be more acidic so it screws up your pH balance. Cancer and other diseases tend to grow rapidly in an acidic environment – so you want your body to be more alkaline
  7. Diet soda harms your teeth – the acid in soda eats away tooth enamel
  8. Diet soda can cause irritation of your stomach lining
  9. Diet soda can be addictive and can give you severe withdrawal symptoms as you wean yourself off of it.
  10. Diet sodas can trigger a sweet tooth craving that leads you to binge on high calorie sugary treats. Then instead of losing weight you are gaining more.

Our body desires cool clear water! Drink more water, it will help you release those extra pounds more quickly and you will feel awesome!

So those are my top reasons to quit drinking diet soda….do some research on your own and you will see that you are better off drinking lots of water and limiting those diet sodas that are packed with chemicals and additives and artificial sweeteners.

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